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  • General Rules

    Click here for pdf version: General Rules

    1. Abstracts should be submitted via the online submission system by 29th April, 2016.  Abstracts submitted after the deadline and abstracts submitted by fax or e-mail will not be reviewed by the Scientific Committee.

    2. Abstracts should be sent in Spanish and English or Portuguese and English and can be presented during the conference in Spanish, English or Portuguese.

    3. Abstracts should not exceed 250 words (for each language). This limit excludes the title, information about authors and institutions.

    4. The main contact/presenting author will receive all correspondence from the congress. It is the responsibility of the main contact/presenting author to forward all correspondence to the other authors (if any).

    5. An author cannot submit more than one abstract.

    6. The main contact/presenting author will receive a written notification in June 2016 regarding the approval / denial of their abstract, sent by the evaluation committee. The evaluation committee's decision is final and cannot be revoked.

    7. Once a positive notification has been received, the main contact/presenting author must complete their registration to attend the congress by 31st July 2016, thus obtaining the final acceptance of the abstract. Only the abstracts from authors registered will obtain a final acceptance. It is the responsibility of the main contact to advise the congress of any changes to the presenting author.

    8. All presenting authors must attend the congress and must be registered to attend the congress by the 31st July 2016, otherwise the accepted abstract will be excluded from the Final Program publication.

    9. Instructions for poster and platform presentations will be available on the congress website. Acceptable formats for platform abstracts are PowerPoint (PC) and VHS video.

    For any queries, please do not hesitate to contact: abstracts@epilepsycongress.org